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Prom, Glasses & Make-up - Bridal Eyewear

Prom, Glasses & Make-up

Eyewear and Prom

The planning of the school prom has started!

The kids have just gone back to school after the Christmas break, but for the year 11s it’s time to be getting their heads down preparing for their GCSE exams. After that for a lot of school student’s it’s their end of year Prom. As a parent I know how quick school years go by!

So as well as planning revision there are lots who are also planning their Prom outfits!

As a 15/16 year old spectacle wearer would you wear your glasses for a Prom or not?

prom 1 prom 2

So we decided to do our Prom & Glasses photo shoot in the beautiful town of Knaresborough on a summers evening just after the local High School prom.

Do you wear contact lenses? Can you wear contact lenses? Will your everyday school glasses go with your outfit? All major questions and issues when you are 15/16!


Susanne from The Vintage Bouquet very kindly lent us her beautiful handmade corsages, which are becoming incredibly popular at promsprom4 prom5 prom6 prom7 prom8 prom9 prom10 prom11Stephanie Bedford Independent Arbonne Consultant & I did the girls make-up with Arbonne products. Having the confidence that Arbonne make-up would look good on the photos and all their products are pure, botanical & vegan certified, which I’m very happy to use on young skin and we didn’t need to touch it up.

So are glasses cool or not for a Prom?

We think they all look fab but I am a glasses wearer and I love the right pair of glasses with the right outfit. Karen Louise x

Thank you to Uncle Dave for the photos, Stephanie for the make-up, Claire for the hair, Ange & Chris for running around after me with my broken leg and our lovely models Beth, Olivia, Sophie, Tahlia and Dan.