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Make-up advice for glasses wearers & your wedding day by Victoria Edwards - Bridal Eyewear

Make-up advice for glasses wearers & your wedding day by Victoria Edwards

I am pleased to introduce Victoria Edwards Make-up artist from Harrogate giving fantastic make-up advise for glasses wearers on your wedding day

The first thing to remember when wearing glasses is that they may draw more attention to your beautiful face, so flawless skin is a must-have! Start with a great primer, to provide a good base and allow the make-up to stay on better. A great foundation, applied with a brush, will give you an even skin tone, and from there you can correct any imperfections with a matte concealer, and conceal any under eye bags, or darkness, with an oily concealer. It’s very important to correct the under eye area so as to perfect and lighten the eyes, which will be emphasised by the glasses. Don’t be afraid to use blusher, as this will avoid the frames dominating your face and add warmth. Just be sure to apply the blusher straight across the cheeks rather than following the line of the cheekbones, as they can then be defined using a highlighter. This will ensure your fabulous cheekbones aren’t lost under your frames!


Eyebrows should be defined with a brow powder and any stray hairs below the brow line should be plucked to give a clean, neat look.

It’s important to stay neutral with your eye colour, as bright colours can be lost behind glasses, but bright colours will look great on your lips, especially with thick, dark frames. As glasses magnify your eyes you can use a shimmer on your eyelid to add interest and keep them light. Cool and bright shadows will magnify under eye darkness and so are best avoided.


If you wear thick frames, you should apply a thick eyeliner so your eyes don’t get lost behind the frames, and if your frames are delicate you should keep the liner thin, so as not to overpower the frames. Make sure any gaps in the lash line are filled with liner so as to give a clean, perfect look. Soft, smokey eyes look lovely with glasses too, as long as you stay within the frame line when applying your make-up, so it doesn’t look messy. If your eyes look smaller in your glasses, use a liner all the way around the eye to open them up. If your eyes appear bigger, only apply the liner part way around your eye (either inside the lower lash line or on the outer corner). You can still use a cat-like flick with your liner, as long as it stays within the frame-line as before.


Use plenty of mascara to define your eyes – it won’t stick to your glasses if you use the right mascara, ideally a waterproof one to avoid smudging and flaking. It’s handy to keep an eyelash comb or old mascara wand to get rid of any clumps as you’re applying it. If you’d really prefer not to use mascara, then just invest in a really good pair of eyelash curlers instead.

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With these tips, and the right glasses from Karen Louise, you’ll look fabulous on your wedding day, and every day!