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Have you had your child's eyes examined? - Bridal Eyewear

Have you had your child’s eyes examined?

Children’s Eye Tests Guest Blog

Have you had your child’s eyes examined yet? Guest Blog by Karen Haase of Michael James Opticians

As a mum of 4 and knowing what I do about eyes and eyesight I find it incredible that a simple eye exam (which is paid for by the NHS for children under 16 years old) is not put in the “red books” that we get from our health visitor.

There is so much to learn when you are new mum (and it constantly changes as I found out). That “red book” that stays with you for years is information and a reminder to what needs doing when and why.

Most children have excellent sight and do not need to wear glasses.

However the earlier any problems are picked up, the sooner it can be treated, the more likely they are to have good vision. If there is a problem and it has not been picked up at an early stage, the child may have permanently reduced vision in one or both eyes.



Many parents believe that all children have a full eye test at school. This is NOT the case.

Some schools will do a screening test but even this simple test is not being performed in many schools today.

How do you know if you have any concerns?

“Don’t expect your child to tell you if there is a problem. Children assume that the way they see is normal – they will never have known anything different”

Signs to look out for from the College of Optometrists

One eye turns in or out – this may be easier to spot when the child is tired.

They rub their eyes a lot (except when they are tired, which is normal).

They have watery eyes.

They are clumsy or have poor hand and eye co-ordination.

Your child avoids reading, writing or drawing.

They screw up their eyes or frown when they read or watch TV.

They sit very close to the TV, or hold books or objects close to their face.

They have behaviour or concentration problems at school.

They complain about blurred or double vision, or they have unexplained headaches.

At Michael James Opticians and Yorkshire Eyewear we would always recommend children to get their eyes examined before they start school. They don’t need to be able to read letters or numbers on a chart, there are ways and means to test youngsters eyes, and remember:-

“Wearing glasses will not make your child’s eyes worse”

Your eyes are not a 2 for 1 offer, so look after them.

For more information www.lookafteryoureyes.org