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Prom, Glasses & Make-up

Eyewear and Prom

The planning of the school prom has started!

The kids have just gone back to school after the Christmas break, but for the year 11s it’s time to be getting their heads down preparing for their GCSE exams. After that for a lot of school student’s it’s their end of year Prom. As a parent I know how quick school years go by!

So as well as planning revision there are lots who are also planning their Prom outfits!

As a 15/16 year old spectacle wearer would you wear your glasses for a Prom or not?

prom 1 prom 2

So we decided to do our Prom & Glasses photo shoot in the beautiful town of Knaresborough on a summers evening just after the local High School prom.

Do you wear contact lenses? Can you wear contact lenses? Will your everyday school glasses go with your outfit? All major questions and issues when you are 15/16!


Susanne from The Vintage Bouquet very kindly lent us her beautiful handmade corsages, which are becoming incredibly popular at promsprom4 prom5 prom6 prom7 prom8 prom9 prom10 prom11Stephanie Bedford Independent Arbonne Consultant & I did the girls make-up with Arbonne products. Having the confidence that Arbonne make-up would look good on the photos and all their products are pure, botanical & vegan certified, which I’m very happy to use on young skin and we didn’t need to touch it up.

So are glasses cool or not for a Prom?

We think they all look fab but I am a glasses wearer and I love the right pair of glasses with the right outfit. Karen Louise x

Thank you to Uncle Dave for the photos, Stephanie for the make-up, Claire for the hair, Ange & Chris for running around after me with my broken leg and our lovely models Beth, Olivia, Sophie, Tahlia and Dan.

Make-up advice for glasses wearers & your wedding day by Victoria Edwards

I am pleased to introduce Victoria Edwards Make-up artist from Harrogate giving fantastic make-up advise for glasses wearers on your wedding day

The first thing to remember when wearing glasses is that they may draw more attention to your beautiful face, so flawless skin is a must-have! Start with a great primer, to provide a good base and allow the make-up to stay on better. A great foundation, applied with a brush, will give you an even skin tone, and from there you can correct any imperfections with a matte concealer, and conceal any under eye bags, or darkness, with an oily concealer. It’s very important to correct the under eye area so as to perfect and lighten the eyes, which will be emphasised by the glasses. Don’t be afraid to use blusher, as this will avoid the frames dominating your face and add warmth. Just be sure to apply the blusher straight across the cheeks rather than following the line of the cheekbones, as they can then be defined using a highlighter. This will ensure your fabulous cheekbones aren’t lost under your frames!


Eyebrows should be defined with a brow powder and any stray hairs below the brow line should be plucked to give a clean, neat look.

It’s important to stay neutral with your eye colour, as bright colours can be lost behind glasses, but bright colours will look great on your lips, especially with thick, dark frames. As glasses magnify your eyes you can use a shimmer on your eyelid to add interest and keep them light. Cool and bright shadows will magnify under eye darkness and so are best avoided.


If you wear thick frames, you should apply a thick eyeliner so your eyes don’t get lost behind the frames, and if your frames are delicate you should keep the liner thin, so as not to overpower the frames. Make sure any gaps in the lash line are filled with liner so as to give a clean, perfect look. Soft, smokey eyes look lovely with glasses too, as long as you stay within the frame line when applying your make-up, so it doesn’t look messy. If your eyes look smaller in your glasses, use a liner all the way around the eye to open them up. If your eyes appear bigger, only apply the liner part way around your eye (either inside the lower lash line or on the outer corner). You can still use a cat-like flick with your liner, as long as it stays within the frame-line as before.


Use plenty of mascara to define your eyes – it won’t stick to your glasses if you use the right mascara, ideally a waterproof one to avoid smudging and flaking. It’s handy to keep an eyelash comb or old mascara wand to get rid of any clumps as you’re applying it. If you’d really prefer not to use mascara, then just invest in a really good pair of eyelash curlers instead.

make-up8 make-up7


With these tips, and the right glasses from Karen Louise, you’ll look fabulous on your wedding day, and every day!




Shape Your Wedding Day blog by Moonrise Lingerie

Your wedding day is one of the biggest, most important days of your life and everything has to be perfect, right down the very last detail. So once you’ve got your wedding dress sorted, you should spend some time thinking about the wedding lingerie that you’re going to wear beneath it. You’ll be surprised at just how many brides leave this until the last minute and end up rushing around just weeks before the actual date!
Christina Corset

Strapless Wedding Corset

Think of your bridal underwear as the foundation that’s going to create the basis for you to show off your dress. It’s truly surprising the difference to your shape, posture and final look that wearing properly fitted wedding underwear beneath your dress can make. So where do you start?
Satin Tapestry

satin tapestry bustier copy

Well, if you’re wanting to slim your waist down and get a more hourglass shape to your natural outline then a wedding corset is a good starting point. Corsets are designed to comfortably pull you in at the waist while providing good upper body support. Be mindful of the boning in the corset and any in your dress, you don’t want to restrict your movement too much!

Satin wedding bustier

Satin Wedding Basque

Your bridal lingerie needs to work in harmony with your gown and your body to get the best overall result, so as well as comfort and support, think about where your underwear will sit in relation to your dress line. So an open neck or off the shoulder dress will need a strapless wedding underwear solution, an open or low back dress will need a low back wedding bustier or corset.
Juliette Corset


It’s always worth getting some help and advice before buying a bridal corset or wedding bustier as they’re not commonly bought everyday underwear items as oppose to bras where you can just pop into your local department store or supermarket and pick up your size! Do use your latest measurements when you get your wedding lingerie, your dress fitter can help you with those.

Glow Bra
Glow Wedding Bra

A well chosen and fitted bridal bra is important for support especially if you need a plus size wedding bra, you’re wedding day can be a long day and the last thing you want at the end is back ache, or bruising from underwires digging in or rubbing. There’s lots of pretty bridal bras out there to choose from, but be careful not to fall in love with lingerie that’s not going to be suitable for you and your dress.

Something blue wedding garter
Something blue wedding garter

Finally, don’t forget the details such as your wedding garter, hold ups or bridal stockings. Of course your garter is a great gift for your bridesmaid to get you and a great place to fit in your something blue. A great little tip for your hosiery is to carry a spare pair of stocking or hold ups with your bridesmaid, even just a cheap pair, just in case of any unsightly ladders!

Silky wedding stockings
Luxury Bridal Stockings

Visit www.moonriselingerie.co.uk to see our full range of selected bridal underwear or feel free to get in touch with a member of our customer care team for help & advice in finding the perfect wedding lingerie for beneath your gown on your Special Day.

Have you had your child’s eyes examined?

Children’s Eye Tests Guest Blog

Have you had your child’s eyes examined yet? Guest Blog by Karen Haase of Michael James Opticians

As a mum of 4 and knowing what I do about eyes and eyesight I find it incredible that a simple eye exam (which is paid for by the NHS for children under 16 years old) is not put in the “red books” that we get from our health visitor.

There is so much to learn when you are new mum (and it constantly changes as I found out). That “red book” that stays with you for years is information and a reminder to what needs doing when and why.

Most children have excellent sight and do not need to wear glasses.

However the earlier any problems are picked up, the sooner it can be treated, the more likely they are to have good vision. If there is a problem and it has not been picked up at an early stage, the child may have permanently reduced vision in one or both eyes.



Many parents believe that all children have a full eye test at school. This is NOT the case.

Some schools will do a screening test but even this simple test is not being performed in many schools today.

How do you know if you have any concerns?

“Don’t expect your child to tell you if there is a problem. Children assume that the way they see is normal – they will never have known anything different”

Signs to look out for from the College of Optometrists

One eye turns in or out – this may be easier to spot when the child is tired.

They rub their eyes a lot (except when they are tired, which is normal).

They have watery eyes.

They are clumsy or have poor hand and eye co-ordination.

Your child avoids reading, writing or drawing.

They screw up their eyes or frown when they read or watch TV.

They sit very close to the TV, or hold books or objects close to their face.

They have behaviour or concentration problems at school.

They complain about blurred or double vision, or they have unexplained headaches.

At Michael James Opticians and Yorkshire Eyewear we would always recommend children to get their eyes examined before they start school. They don’t need to be able to read letters or numbers on a chart, there are ways and means to test youngsters eyes, and remember:-

“Wearing glasses will not make your child’s eyes worse”

Your eyes are not a 2 for 1 offer, so look after them.

For more information www.lookafteryoureyes.org